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Records Retention

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Special Education Records Retention and Destruction (Ed 1119.01 and RSA 186-C:10-a)

  1. Special education records will be kept until the student’s 26th birthday, unless the parent or adult student provides written consent to destroy the records earlier (per 34 C.F.R. 300.624). Prior to the student's 26th birthday, the parent or adult student may request in writing that records be maintained until the student's 30th birthday.
  2. The Records Retention policies, EH and EH-R, can be found here on the District's website or upon request of the Diagnostic Prescriptive Teacher at the school where the child attends.
  3. GWRSD shall provide a parent or adult student a written notice of its document destruction policies upon the student’s graduation with a regular diploma or at the transfer of rights whichever occurs first.

 If you have any questions about Records Retention please call  603-569-1658.