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Parental Rights

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Procedural Safeguards at a Glance
Parents have an important role in the special education process when a child is suspected of having an educational disability.  Parental consent initiates the process and the parent is included as a valuable member of the multidisciplinary team. The special education process affords parents the opportunity to be very involved in the development of the child’s educational programs beginning with evaluation and continuing through identification, program and placement.

A complete copy of Procedural Safeguards (Parent Rights) is given to parents at the time of referral and on an annual basis, usually at the annual review meeting of the Special Education Team.  The information below includes a brief outline of parental rights in special education.  Your rights are more completely described in the following:


Some important parental rights in Special Education include:

Please Note: A copy of the GWRSD Special Education Policy and Procedures Manual is located in the Diagnostic Prescriptive Teacher’s office at each school and at the Superintendent’s Office.