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School Board Policy


  • BBB     School Board Elections
  • BBBF   Student Board Members
  • BEDH  Public Participation at Board Meetings
  • BG Board Policy Process
  • DFGA  Crowdfunding
  • EBBD   Indoor Air Quality
  • EBCD   Emergency School and District Closings
  • EGA-E  Employee Volunteer Computer Network Acceptable Use Agreement
  • GBGA    Staff Health
  • IHBAB    Special Education Evaluations
  • IMBA   Distance Education
  • JGA-R  GWRSD Internet Acceptable Use Agreement for Students
  • JH    Student Attendance, Absences, and Truancy

Updated Policies 2021-2022

  • EHB  Public Access to District Records
  • GBEBA  Professional Dress Code
  • GBEBA-R  Guidelines for Professional Dress Code
  • JI  Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • JIC  Student Conduct
  • JIC-R  Code of Conduct
  • JICA  Student Dress Code
  • JICD  Student Discipline and Due Process
  • JICI  Weapons on School Property
  • JICK  Pupil Safety and Violence Prevention Bullying

School Board Policies (Under Construction)

The Board Policies Below were last updated as of 2/21/2022