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School Board Committees

April 2022 group photo of school board

Each standing committee shall comprise all nine (9) members of the school board. The chair of the board shall designate at least three members who will assist the Superintendent of Schools and/or her/his designee(s) in facilitating the work of the committee. Each group of facilitators may appoint a group leader who will report on the work of the committee at the regular School Board meetings.

Even with the presence of a quorum, no committee decision shall be binding on the School Board.  The responsibility of a committee is to provide information and/or make recommendations to the full school board at a regular school board meeting for consideration of action or adoption. The provisions of NH RSA 91-A shall apply, as appropriate, for all standing committees.


Academic Affairs

Charlene Seibel, Team Leader
Timothy Eldridge
​Stefanie King
James Pittman

Buildings and Maintenance

Timothy Eldridge, Group Leader
Dr. James Manning
Brodie Deshais
​Dana Streeter



​John Widmer, Group Leader
Brodie Deshais
James Pittman
Stefanie King


Human Resources

John Widmer, Team Leader
Wendi Fenderson
Dana Streeter
Dr. James Manning


Wolfeboro Community TV

Charlene Seibel

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