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Requirements for School Enrollment

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The following documents are needed in order to enroll in the GWRSD.

  • Proof of Residency (one of the following)
    ​*certificate of residency from the town clerk (not available in Wolfeboro)
    *rent receipt indicating legal residence, and landlord’s name, address, and phone number
    *documentation of home ownership in the towns of Brookfield, Effingham, Middleton, New Durham, Ossipee, Wolfeboro, or
      Tuftonboro and current utility bill
    *court placement
    *social services papers (e.g. AFDC, Social Security)
    *if living with friends/relatives, a letter from them stating you are living with them, along with a copy of one of the above for them

Note: A purchase and sales agreement must have approval of the Superintendent; if accepted, one of the above items must be submitted to the school where enrolled within 30 days, or as indicated by the Superintendent. ​

  • Custody Agreement/Guardianship Documentation (MUST be official court documents)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Complete Immunization Record (if applicable, a notarized Religious Exemption form may be submitted)
  • Physical dated within the previous 12 months of enrollment
  • Academic Record (transcript, report card and schedule; or portfolio of work if previously home schooled)
  • Special Education Plan (if applicable)
  • Completion of Registration Forms

Transferring Students
Students will be scheduled an appointment with the appropriate school staff as soon as possible following receipt of the above listed information. Hand carried materials are not considered official, but are helpful when preparing a schedule if official materials are not available. Additionally, the District may offer an assessment of academic progress (NWEA's MAP test) to help provide additional placement information to school personnel.