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Complaint Procedure

Governor Wentworth Regional School District
Title I Complaint Procedure

In the Governor Wentworth Regional School District, every effort is made to resolve conflict at the building level. If an issue is not resolved within the school, and the individual feels a violation of a federal statute or regulation has occurred, they may initiate the following complaint procedure:

1. The individual speaks directly with the staff person involved (if applicable).

2. If not satisfied, the individual notifies the Building Level Administrator of the issues surrounding the complaint.

3. If the individual continues to feel Federal Requirements are not being met, a Complaint Form is completed. The Governor Wentworth Regional School District Title I Complaint Forms may be obtained in each school office, at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, or on the school district website. Once the form is completed it is forwarded to:

Linda Perrow, Title I Project Manager
Crescent Lake School
75 McManus Road
Wolfeboro, NH 03894 (603) 569-0221

4. The individual meets with the Project Manager to discuss his/her concern in an attempt to resolve the complaint.

5. If the complaint is not resolved, the Title I Project Manager forwards the written Complaint Form to the Superintendent of Schools.

6. The Superintendent, or his/her designee, investigates the complaint and contacts the individual initiating the complaint.

7. If the complaint is not mediated, the Superintendent contacts the School Board Chair to have the issue placed on the agenda of the next scheduled School Board Meeting.

8. Should the complaint remain unresolved, the School Board must forward the written complaint within 30 days of their decision to:

Frank Edelblut, Commissioner of Education
c/o Heather Gage, Title I Administrator New Hampshire Department of Education
101 Pleasant Street Concord, New Hampshire 03301

9. At this point, the Complaint Procedure in place at the New Hampshire Department of Education will be implemented. For more information, contact Kristine Braman, Program Assistant, (603) 271-6055 or .

Title I Complaint Form Contact Information: