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The District recognizes and appreciates the valuable contribution made to the total school program through the volunteer assistance of parents and other citizens. In working with volunteers, a District staff member shall clearly explain the volunteer’s responsibility.

Designated volunteers will be required to undergo a criminal records check. A designated volunteer is any volunteer who may have contact with individual students without a school employee directly involved in the activity or who chaperones on an overnight field trip.

Volunteers may not be assigned to roles which require specific professional training. Instructional services shall be rendered under the supervision of certified staff.

Volunteers must sign a confidentiality agreement and refrain from discussing the performance or actions of a student except with the student’s teacher, counselor, or the building principal. 

Volunteers may be terminated when, in the sole judgment of the administration, their conduct does not meet the standards of the Governor Wentworth Regional School District.

Legal Reference:
RSA 189:13-a, School Employee and Volunteer Criminal History Records Check