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Empty Bowls 2024 Event Exceeds Expectations

Empty Bowls 2024 Event Exceeds Expectations
Kathy Lagace


Empty Bowls 2024 exceeded our wildest expectations. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our community! So many people wrapped around our students and came together to ensure that Knights Against Hunger bags continue to go out each week. Our student leaders pulled off a packed event that was filled with alumni, families, fellow students, and community members from all over our wide ranging district. We were touched by the many ways people gave of their artistic talents, culinary skills, time, labor, hard earned money, and most of all presence. From our student musicians, to our Knights Against Hunger alumni, to the businesses in our community who blew our fundraising goals out of the water, to the library staff, custodians and cafeteria staff who went above and beyond to help make this event possible, we are so grateful!

Please see this link to event photos: EmptyBowls2024

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