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Commencement Goals

profiles of graduates throwing caps in the air


Because our society is undergoing continued rapid changes, our students will have an increasing number of demands placed upon them in the future. If they are to be successful in the coming years, each graduate will:

  •  master the basics of education [incorporating technology]:
    •  reading
    •  writing
    •  mathematics
    •  science
    •  social studies
  •  exhibit teamwork and leadership skills
  •  be an effective communicator
  •  be computer literate and technologically competent
  •  have a basic understanding of a world language and culture, with the opportunity to
       become proficient in a second language
  •    have respect for self and others and display good citizenship
  •  appreciate the fine and performing arts
  •  be a critical and creative thinker
  •  have personal responsibility and accountability
  •  be a life-long learner and take risks targeted toward personal growth
  •  have a knowledge of and responsibility for the environment
  •  have an understanding of economics
  •  have a commitment to health and well being
  •  understand vocational and career choices
  •  be nationally and globally aware

Revised: 10/20/97
Reaffirmed: 2005